From Our Past Students

"Nadege was an excellent instructor, patient, knowledgable and open to certain changes we needed to make for our particular circumstances. I'd highly recommend her to anyone whether you're starting from scratch or looking brush up on previous experience."

Darryll B.

"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nadege. She taught us an amazing dance routine, and the guests loved the routine. I could only tell through their cheers and claps throughout the dance, but from the sound of it, they loved it. We also got tons of compliments throughout the night! We were sad that our lessons came to an end, so we are highly considering taking a class from her in the near future. Do yourselves a favor and book your dance classes with Nadedge!"

Sarah M.

"We LOVED working with Nadege! 2 weeks before our wedding, we started to panic because we realized we had no idea how to dance. Nadege helped us fit in 5 hour-long sessions before our first dance - we were able to choreograph our entire waltz and now we look like we actually know what we're doing! I highly recommend."

 Kathy Q.

"Our dance lessons with Nadege were the highlight leading up to our big day!! She was so patient with the both of us and turned us into a beautiful dancing couple! I highly recommend dance lessons with Nadege! Thank you for making our special day even more special!"

        Allison E.

"Nadege is very patient with her clients. She worked with my fiance and I even when I would get visibly frustrated. I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn how to learn the basics before their wedding."

Andew M.

"The best experience and decision we made for our wedding. Whether you want a full choreograph or just a simple tutorial so that you look amazing on that special day, I would highly recommend her services. I am not into cheesy dances and Nadege helped me and my wife learn some steps and moves that really create a special environment. During our last lesson, even though I was awesome by that point :), Nadege recorded our session and provides a step by step tutorial. When it comes to service, professionalism and friendliness, she is the best!!!!"

    Tal A.

"My fiancee and I went to Nadege to help us create and learn our wedding dance. She taught us a number that swing-style moves that were easy for me to learn. I had never had dance lessons before and am generally self-conscious about dancing, but Nadege made me feel comfortable, which helped a great deal in learning my steps. I definitely recommend her as a dance instructor!"


"As a classic case of 'two left feet,' I was definitely not looking forward to spending Saturday afternoons in a dance studio.  Once I started, though, Nadege just makes everything flow and things just start to come together naturally."

                                                                                                                                                                  Brendan L.

"Nadege is an excellent dance instructor. She has the skill, the experience, and the patience to guide us through the difficult steps of the dance." 

                                                                                                                                                                        Zivan Z.

"The class was so much fun! Nadege is a great teacher."


"Really fun! You made it so easy Nadege."

                                                                                                                                                                    Robert E.